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                                PRODUCTS & SERVICES                

                                        Our experience and capabilities include the design
                                        and manufacture of :

                                        Please contact us to discuss your infrared and/or hot
                                        air convection oven heating, dry-off, drying, baking and/or curing  
                                        applications at your earliest possible convenience.

                                        Ideal applications include:

                                        Flash-off and drying solvent & water-based coatings
                                        Powder coating pre-heat, melt, gel, boost and booster
                                        Complete powder coating cure
                                        Dry-off, washed and pretreated parts
                                        Pre-heat and dryers for paper, film, foil, and
                                                textile webs and lamination
                                        Adhesives drying
                                        Ink drying and flexo printing drying
                                        Pleat setting
                                        Continuous coil & strip pre-heat (incl. prior to plating) and drying, and many more

                                        We also work with companies on a consulting basis
                                        to help define their requirements.

                                        Let us show you why customers are comfortable
                                        working with us, and why they choose to come back
                                        again and again based on the quality equipment
                                        and customer service we deliver.                  





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